Major Types of Mold

Molds are naturally occurring biological organisms.

There are literally thousands of types of mold in the environment. The good news is that over the centuries, molds have helped produce some wonderful inventions such as penicillin, breads, cheese, and particular alcoholic beverages. The bad news is that molds reproduce by sending out spores. These spores activate and grow when they land on a moist spot. This mold then grows more spores and so on. The mold spreads and spreads.

Outside this is not necessarily a bad situation because mold is part of the natural process of decay. It is part of the reason that leaves that missed the fall raking will have deteriorated into soil by spring. However, when mold intrudes into a home due to an existing moisture problem, it can get ugly. Mold when left unremediated, can produce a strong musty smell, have a furry appearance, and be mushy in texture. Not an attractive sight.

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    Stachybotrys is one member of a group of molds, also known as Black Mold. Not every mold is Black Mold, but elevated levels of this type should be addressed immediately because of the detrimental health effect it may cause.

    This type of mold produces airborne toxins, which can cause breathing difficulties, dizziness, memory and hearing loss, and flu-like symptoms.

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    Cladosporium and Penicillium

    Cladosporium and Penicillium are more commonly found molds but these molds can cause allergic reactions, asthma, breathing problems, sinus infections, headaches, coughing and eye and throat irritation.

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    Memnoniella and Aspergillus versicolor

    Memnoniella and Aspergillus versicolor are two types of mold that can produce airborne toxins. They produce mycotoxins and can cause even worse problems.

    The problems associated with these molds are chronic fatigue, loss of balance and memory, irritability and difficulty speaking.

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